Code of Conduct

These community guidelines are a document where people can come to keep everyone associated with Fearless actionable for their behaviour, approach and adhering to our values. We created Fearless to change the way people get hired and build relationships within the design world, and these guard rails have been put in place to ensure our community continues to flourish and add value to our members.Fearless is a community for designers of all levels. We urge members to not assume the pronouns of others. While many of our members use he/she, for example, some use they/them. Remember not to judge people’s gender based on their photos or names they use on LinkedIn.

🍖 Strictly no spam.
We asked the community members and data have told us that spam is the quickest way to lose engagement from our community and one of the asks from our community. Spam includes surveys, product or event promotions, self-promotion without reason in the wrong channels. If you wish to promote a product or service via our community, you may use dedicated channels otherwise you will need authorisation from @Tom or @Lauren Kelly to do so. Anyone seen to be breaking this guideline could be removed from the group.

🤬 No Harassment or bullying
No Harassment or Bullying. This will not be tolerated and will be reported to the relevant authorities and your membership revoked. This includes being negative or disrespectful to your fellow community members.

🫂 Community Team
Our community team will have accountability over their channels to ensure our code of conduct is being followed. If they feel that anyone is violating these terms, they are within their rights to have you removed. They also will hold the responsibility of permitting entry into private channels. You can find out more about the community team by checking out the pinned messages in  #00-welcome-help within the Slack channel.

😶 Inactive Users
If you are inactive for a period of 3 months or more, you will be removed from the channel. This is to ensure that we adhere our commitment to make sure that only active people are involved and our commitment to users that your data won’t be stored without being active.
We encourage active participation. When someone reaches out, please try and respond. If you see a question or post unanswered feel free to comment and provoke conversation. We are all accountable for nurturing our shared community.

💔 Breach of code of conduct
If your community lead feels that you have breached our code of conduct or complaints are raised against you, you will be given 2 warnings before being removed unless your community lead feels that you should be automatically removed depending on your violation.  

💬 What if I have a concern?
Finally, if you believe a violation has occurred, please report immediately to us.
We created this community to serve you, the design community, so if you think we can do something to improve the experience or new services we’d love to hear your ideas.

Please send us a slack message (see the pinned messages in the #00-welcome-help Slack channel for details) or email