We are Fearless Talent

We are a design specialist talent consultancy. We’ll find you the world-class talent you need.

Working in partnership with you, with a focus on diversity and streamlined processes, we can advise you on recruitment, salaries, professional bands and what’s going on in the market.

Our talent teams can also be embedded within your business, to provide a bespoke consultancy that will source, recruit and oversee a seismic step-change in your design capabilities.

Our Core

Embedding our talent partners into your team, help you to speed up your hiring whilst combining it with quality candidates and a quality candidate experience.

Contractor Bench

With an average turnaround of 2 weeks, we’re able to match you with the best talent at speed ensuring you achieve your goals.

Embedded Talent Partnership

Our talent partners embed into your team to understand more about your products, culture, mission and what makes the role special putting them in the perfect position to identify the best talent to meet your requirements whilst representing your brand in the best possible way.

How we work

Role Alignment

Fearless Talent collaborate to prioritise required roles, the requirements for each and timeframes.


Talent team to embed into our clients team, start sourcing designers based on a number of priority requirements.We work in 2-week sprint sourcing cycles.

Interviewing & Offers

Our clients leadership will interview and have the feedback sessions as needed in person or remotely.We book out a week of interviews and aim to get 10-12 people each week.We then spend a week negotiating and getting offers out.

Community Building

Fearless will work with our clients to help them build their design presence in the community, doing talks with our audience, spreading the word to the design world 🌎This is ongoing.


We repeat this cycle until we complete all hires.

Case studies

Each business is unique and comes with its own challenges and opportunities. Our services are packaged to reflect your immediate needs and your long-term goals.
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