Scaling Design Capabilities

Talent acquisition build the badged team; our design teams pick up the demand whilst creating a seamless experience for scaling design capabilities.

The challenge
Before partnering with Fearless Talent bp had a small design leadership team, they knew they needed to hire a lot of people in 2021 due to the demand for design, but with no design recruitment process defined, no job specs, pipeline, candidate packs, or scorecards, there was a lot to be done away from just sourcing. They needed a partner who could handle strategy and execution. Fearless bought much needed expertise in design and hiring to kick-off a large hiring spree. On a mission to empower design leaders and set the right culture, bp want their design leaders to have autonomy over hiring and shaping their teams. After supporting roles and responsibilities and owning the job specs, in collaboration with bp, we spent the first two quarters of this year focussed on hiring the design leadership team. Whilst Fearless Talent build bp's dream team, Fierce jumped in and started to pick up the demand delivering projects across multiple business units in the renewable energy space.
Scaling Design Capabilities
9 months

Fearless Talent

Fearless bought in a senior talent partner to focus on the execution of sourcing VP’s, Directors and Lead IC candidates throughout 2021; whilst our Head of Talent focused on working with the Design Leadership team to write a playbook for design hiring to showcase the company, and how bp HXD do design recruitment moving forward, which includes candidate packs, a defined interview processes, job specifications and candidate FAQs.


As bp’s biggest design services provider and strategic partner in scaling Design Capabilities, we are focused on addressing the design maturity across all of our projects and embedding people to enable the Design Operations team, supporting the design team growth.

With bp's Net Zero mission in motion, the demand for design continues to grow each week. On average we add an additional 6 designers per month (up to 10 per month) with an average turnaround of 2 weeks from brief to boots on the ground.

With our key people in leadership roles sitting across high priority initiatives and projects, we embed ourselves with the agencies around us in addition to bp's internal people, working closely with Fearless Talent to ingrain the new hires coming in.

If you're interested in supporting bp in their Net Zero mission and want to find out more about the live roles reach out! 

Please send your profile and portfolio for more information.

“The result of this is fantastic and we couldn't be more happy"


To date in 2021, we’ve achieved 102% of our targets, interviewing 92 designers in 9 months, resulting in 9 offers